Wedding Ceremonies

It has become increasingly more common for Dave’s clients to have both their wedding ceremony and reception at the same primary location. Often the facility does not offer an adequate ceremony sound system with a trained technician to run it, and/or they want to charge an inflated amount for the additional service. Over the years, Dave has assisted hundreds of clients with their entire ceremony including all of the music.

As part of his service, Dave offers complete and separate ceremony sound systems. His standard ceremony packages are very reasonably priced and include multiple wireless lapel and/or handheld microphones and a trained technician to operate the equipment. If needed, these systems will also accommodate some additional microphones for vocalists and/or line channels for musicians.

In addition, Dave has an extensive wedding music library to provide his clients with all of their requirements including the prelude music when guests first arrive, as well as the family seating, processional, candle lighting, and recessional songs. His wedding music library also includes many acoustic versions of songs performed by string ensembles, brass ensembles, solo guitar, guitar w/ensemble, solo piano, and harp. These acoustic versions lend themselves very nicely to outdoor settings and can be provided to you as part of the ceremony system package without the expense of costly live musicians. He has also assisted many clients who wanted “non-traditional” music for their ceremonies.

If your wedding day plans include having the ceremony at the reception site or at a location other than a church, it is highly recommended that you discuss your plans with Dave before considering any other options. He has saved his clients an incredible amount of stress, time and money and provided them with exactly what they required for their ceremony.