Miscellaneous Services

Music Search & Other Music Support Projects
Dave’s incredibly large music library is a continual work in progress and is often the topic of many conversations at his events. He loves to share his library and knowledge of music with anyone who shares the same interest. Quite often, he assists videographers and various individuals in locating difficult to find music, in creating unique music CD gifts, or in helping clients put together some very unique and non-traditional music for their special event. Dave has a real passion for his music and is more than willing to share it. He subscribes to many different music services for daily, weekly, and monthly additions to ensure his library stays current, and he has done a great deal of music research to make certain that he has most, if not all, of the TOP 40 hits going back to the Big Band Era.

Karaoke Services
Although Dave is not a singer by any definition, he does recognize that Karaoke is a very popular addition to a party, celebration, or social/business gathering. With all of the changes in technology and demand for a vocalist to facilitate the true Karaoke experience, Dave has chosen to retire his outdated equipment and music library. Instead he will attempt to sub-contract that portion of the entertainment based on availability. 

Referral Services
Over the years, Dave has met and worked with a number of excellent vendors related to his industry. He is willing to share as much information as appropriate with his clients and can often help them find other vendors. Please contact him directly for any referral assistance.