Top 10 Reasons

Top Ten Reasons to Hire The Mad Platter

Mobile DJ services vary greatly. Selecting the proper music and DJ for your wedding day or other special event is as critical as any aspect of your planning process. The DJ can make or break your event. Before you make your final decision, make sure that you invest sufficient time and effort and give careful consideration to the following details:

Don’t be in the dark about the DJ service you are considering. It they haven’t come highly recommended from a reliable source, contact some of their references. Make sure you will be provided with the variety and knowledge of music desired for your event. Confirm exactly who and what you will be getting for your money including the individual who will be working your event, the equipment they will be bringing, and the exact detailed planning assistance that will be provided to you as part of their service. Be prepared to ask as many questions as you need to before making your decision. You owe it to yourself to be very comfortable and confident with your final choice!

Reason #1 - Experience and Dependability

Since 1983, Dave Cuneo has developed a reputation throughout the So Cal area as an outstanding mobile DJ, The Mad Platter. During that time, Dave has delighted more than 1500 clients with his mobile DJ excellence. Consistent quality control is very simple. Dave is the only DJ. When a client hires The Mad Platter, they are hiring Dave, the owner of the company.

Reason #2 - Complete Music Library

Dave’s music library includes more than 300,000 songs and is constantly being added to each and every day via the various music pools and digital download services he subscribes to. He routinely brings thousands of songs to each and every event. With a complete and current music library, he can provide all requests and satisfy all tastes in music. He can also provide you with “edited” (clean) versions of his songs as appropriate for your age group and type of event.

Reason #3 - Knowledge of Music

Dave has the rare talent of being equally familiar and comfortable with all periods of music. Whether he is playing music for a group of teenagers, various age groups at a wedding reception, or honoring a couple at their 50th wedding anniversary, Dave has the unique ability to read a crowd and play just the right music to keep the dance floor packedwhile including any special requests.

Reason #4 - Superior Sound Equipment

Dave’s sound system is unmatched in the industry. He has invested in custom made speakers and superior sound equipment so that his clients can hear music the way it was intended to sound. Music doesn’t need to sound harsh or distorted even though it is often played at high volume levels for dancing. Also, Dave offers several different equipment packages to ensure adequate sound coverage for the size of the venue and number of guests in attendance.

Reason #5 - Professional Image and Attire

Dave is always formally attired in a tuxedo unless he is requested to wear more casual or theme attire. He is a model of professional conduct at all times and accepts his role very graciously. For more than 35 years, Dave has relied exclusively on recommendations and referrals, and his professional and detail oriented approach has certainly made that possible.

Reason #6 - Great Master Of Ceremonies

In addition to his experience as a mobile DJ, Dave has had many years of public speaking engagements. Many clients greatly underestimate the importance of the Master of Ceremony role that a mobile DJ can provide at their event. Dave’s ability to command attention while directing it to each appropriate activity is masterful. His rich baritone voice commands a real presence when necessary while he always keeps the focus of attention on the guests of honor and the true purpose for the gathering.

Reason #7 - Spontaneous Sense of Humor

Dave is able to combine an impressive level of professionalism with a spontaneous sense of humor. He has an uncanny ability to interact effectively with the guests and to spontaneously respond to any situation. There are many ways that a mobile DJ can get people involved without dominating the event, and Dave has a knack for successfully accomplishing the exact results you are seeking.

Reason #8 - Flexible and Adaptable

Dave understands that every client has different expectations and tastes. His experience has taught him that no two groups are exactly the same and that each event takes on its own unique personality. Dave has the ability to adapt his presentation style to match that of his clients and the unique audience in attendance while maintaining complete flexibility with each individual client and their event.

Reason #9 - Detail Oriented

Dave’s extensive experience enables him to help his clients plan every detail of their event. He makes sure to accomplish this before the day of the event so that each client is free to enjoy the “moment” rather than being stressed out about any loose ends. Since every client is dealing directly with Dave, the person who will be directly guiding their event, there is no need to worry about any details getting lost in the translation from one employee to another.

Reason #10 - Works Well with Others

Most successful events are the result of a team effort. It’s all about flow and momentum. Dave understands his role and how to most effectively work with other vendors and representatives. He will help create a timeline for the entire event and coordinate all required announcements and activities with the appropriate vendor(s) to ensure a successful and seamless agenda for his clients.