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Because I am the owner of the company and the only DJ, I can take a very personal interest in all of my clients and offer them the very best in music selection, sound equipment, and customized service to match their individual needs. I provide my clients with more than 35 years of successful experience, an incredible knowledge of music, an uncanny ability to keep people dancing, an excellent voice and talent to handle any Master of Ceremony responsibilities, and unlimited planning sessions for their event.

Yes, I do have a standard information package to send out and will include a current reference list upon request.  Although most of the information is also available on this website, you will find the printed material to be very helpful before making your final selection in a mobile DJ service.

If I am playing at a local public event, I can certainly arrange for you to come by and observe me at your convenience. Unfortunately, I would not be able to arrange for you to visit any of my private events or parties such as wedding receptions. Instead, I would offer to set up an appointment so that we could meet in person to discuss your event.

Establishing a comfort level with your mobile DJ service can be a critical part of your decision making process. I often meet with my potential clients before they make a final decision. I am more than willing to make an appointment with you to answer any questions, to explain the full range of my services, and to provide you the opportunity to determine if I am the right personality fit for you and your event.

One of the real benefits of my service is that you are dealing directly with the owner of the company and the only DJ. I will be the person discussing your specific plans and the person who will be at your event to ensure that everything is done to your satisfaction.

Because no two client’s events and needs are exactly the same, I do not include my pricing with my printed information package or on this website. My prices generally include a 4-hour minimum and are very competitive for the market that I serve. I am not a “generic” mobile DJ, so my pricing is not “generic.” I offer several different equipment and music packages to match my client’s needs. It is best that you contact me directly to determine the exact price for the package of services needed for your specific event

The exact terms and cost for my services will be discussed with you in advance and provided to you in writing including the deposit amount requirement.
Note: Once your deposit has been received, my services have been secured for your event.

I will provide you with some helpful tools and guidelines that can be used to better prepare yourself for our planning discussions and/or meetings. I take a very pro-active role in sharing my experience and helping you make your final decisions.

Once you have a firm date, it is highly recommended that you secure my services with a deposit as soon as possible. Otherwise, you are leaving the date open for others to possibly book.

I am based out of Orange County, and my general service area covers Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Riverside, Orange and San Diego Counties. On occasion, I have traveled greater distances to provide my services and would be willing to discuss events outside of my general service area.

Yes, I offer complete wedding ceremony packages including all necessary sound equipment, speakers, and wireless microphones, along with a complete library of prelude and ceremony music. Please refer to my “Services” page on this website for additional information.

For any formal event, I will be dressed in a tuxedo. For other types of events, I will discuss the proper attire with you to ensure that I am dressed appropriately.

Unlike most mobile DJ services, I do not limit you to a number of requests or by the size of my music library. I maintain the largest and most current music library in the industry, and I will play any available requests from you. Once I determine your specific music needs, I will recommend my best music library package for your event.

Every event and group is a little different, but in my 35 years of experience, I have never had a group not dance. It is not a question of whether people will dance, but rather a question of what music does it take for people to dance. I have the ability to read a crowd, to adapt accordingly, and to know when to play a song. I also have a huge music library to respond to most requests and to change styles immediately.

I offer many different equipment package combinations to match my client’s needs. I will always recommend the most appropriate package to ensure proper speaker coverage for the size of your event and the number of guests in attendance. Although equipment failure is very rare, I will also have backup equipment with me.

I do not charge for set up or tear down time. I always include maximum commute time to allow for traffic and other uncontrollable delays. I always arrive in time to be completely set up and functioning properly before your first guests arrive. I will never overbook my services to risk a late arrival.

It has become increasingly more common for mobile DJ services to be required to provide their own insurance. I can provide adequate Liability Insurance to cover most events. Once I know the specific coverage and endorsement requirements, I can confirm whether there are any potential issues and/or additional costs from my insurance carrier.